He's Not Here

The Washington DC area '80s Era Post Punk and New Wave cover band.

Performing Since: 


Price Range: 

  • $0- to $500-

Jobs Artist Performs: 

  • Cocktail Receptions, Company Parties, Private Parties, Dances, Clubs, Fund Raisers, Concerts, Festivals, Other

Musical Styles: 

  • Top 40, Rock, Alternative
He's Not Here - The Washington DC area '80s Era Post Punk and New Wave cover band.
Washington, DC

Band Instrumentation: 

  • Piano/Keyboards
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums (Trap)
  • Vocals

Band Members: 

  • Chas Johnson - Bass/Electronic Media
  • Marc Parsons - Vocals, Guitars
  • Dave Blakeslee - Drums, Vocals

Number of Musicians in Band: 

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Chas Johnson



Full Bio: 

For the past two years they've been preparing for enthusiastic audiences, including a bill at last Summer's Poolapalooza Festival. They have since played shows at Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown, and Sauf Haus in downtown DC on 18th St. Technology has been a key part of the experience, enabling them to have a larger sound than the three of them would be able to produce on their own, using iPads and an ancient Macbook Pro to sequence additional tracks while they play live. This advanced hardware has enabled He's Not Here to remain a trio. They largely avoid the cheesy pop of the '80, preferring the hard-driving, darker side of classic new wave tunes.
Red Skies by The Fixx
Band Pictures
He's Not Here playing the Discovery Channel moving party
Advertisement for live gig with two other local bands