Syndicate 51


Performing Since: 


Price Range: 

  • $0- to $500-

Jobs Artist Performs: 

  • Clubs, Private Parties, Concerts, Fund Raisers, Festivals, Other

Musical Styles: 

  • Rock, Alternative, Indie, Hip Hop

Number of Jobs Per Year: 

Edmonston, MD

Band Instrumentation: 

  • Piano/Keyboards
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums (Trap)
  • Vocals
  • Percussion
  • Lead Vocals

Band Members: 

  • Steven Bratland, lead guitar and vocals
  • Meosha Eaton, lead vocals
  • Benjamin Bloom, Bass
  • Joel Gonzales, Keyboards/piano
  • Sam Epstein, Drums/percussion

Number of Musicians in Band: 

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Steve Bratland



Full Bio: 

Syndicate 51 (S51) is comprised of Steven Bratland, Meosha Eaton, Sam Epstein, Benjamin Bloom and Joe Gonzales. Coming together to create a sound like no other -- where rock, reggae, hip hop and soul are all infused as one. S51 is a group of individuals that merged their solo music talents/careers and passions to form a force of phenomenal and unique talent. Syndicate 51 hails from the DMV area as a band where they play locally and collaborate with various artists. The band came together with the intention to collaborate on a project for another artist and decided from that point that the chemistry they shared as a group was undeniable and worth taking in another direction. At which point Syndicate 51 was created.

Steven Bratland was born in Takoma Park, MD and began his music career in Roswell, New Mexico. He then moved to San Antonio, Texas where he was lead vocalist and lead guitarist for a rock band named Confusion Only that played locally and toured around the USA. He has lived in a variety of places; from places in Asia like Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea, across the mountain states to Denver, Colorado, to the high plains of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then to the brushland of Lubbock, Texas where he learned how to record and produce music with the help of a degree in Sound Technology. He has performed in live theater, served as a school teacher and competed professionally in Mixed Martial Arts (cage fighting). After relocating to Maryland with his wife, he now runs a successful recording studio where he is the owner and executive engineer. Steve currently serves as lead vocalist, lead guitarist and recording engineer/co-producer for Syndicate 51.

Sam Epstein, born in Washington DC to Thai and American parents, learned of his love of music at a young age. He picked up his first set of drum sticks at the age of 3 and has never been without them since! Sam is a successful producer where he composes and creates his own music in his home studio. His work is being featured by local film makers as well as Flying Dog Brewery. Family and music are both very important aspects of Sam's life and are the critical keys to happiness Sam to continues in his endeavors as producer while serving as the drummer/percussion master for Syndicate 51. He resides in Germantown MD with his wife and two children.

Meosha Eaton, born in Chicago Illinois, began her artistic endeavors at an early age where she studied as a dancer for the first 14 years of her performing career. Having been exposed to every genre of music thanks to her Dad's diverse album collection comprised of everything from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin to Earth Wind and Fire, Isley Brothers, Madonna and beyond, she knew that she was born to create music. Meosha began her rap career in Chicago as a young teenager where she was a vocalist in an all girl rap group and shortly after that on to being the only female in the next 2 rap groups she attempted to build. She continued with Dance and Rap and relocated to the Maryland area where she attended University of Maryland and also married her first love and best friend and began a family. Committed to the youth, she continues to serve as a dance instructor for a local youth dance company and also serves as Lead Dance Instructor where she teaches at a local high school while pursuing her music career with Syndicate 51.

Benjamin Bloom grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he played second trombone in the not-so acclaimed St. Paul Central High School Pep Band. Some years after college he moved to Washington, DC where a guitar-playing friend beckoned him to pick up the bass. He has happily been plucking on four-strings ever since. Benjamin lives in DC with his wife and two year-old daughter.

Joe Gonzales (bio on it's way) . . .

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